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Three women.
The story of the human body.


Three women.
The story of the human body.


About Embodies

A New Take on Body Image.

We're not here to convince you that every body is beautiful: we're here to remind you that there's more to it than that. How do we use our bodies every day to express ourselves emotionally and artistically; how do we connect to others physically and how do we disconnect from the remains when somebody we love passes on?

With the help of Diana, Jasmyn and Wendy, we're striking “attractive” from the collective body image vocabulary. Let's talk instead about bruises and art and body bags; let's talk about what it means and feels like to live inside our skin and what we do with it once we're in here. Embodies wants to build a more fully-formed image of our physical selves and we want you to be a part of it.

We Found Three Women.

A nude model, a roller derby mother of three, and an anatomical embalmer. They were doing interesting things with their bodies and with other people's bodies, and we wanted to see what that was like. The stories we tell in the film are sketches of these people, their jobs, their families, and their communities. We learn about how these physical professions affect their philosophies and relationships, and get a glimpse into what it takes to stand naked in a room full of strangers, raise a family and participate in an underground sport, and work with the dead for a living.

Come for the bodies, stay for the stories or vice versa; we hope you enjoy, and either way, we hope you'll take the time to tell us about it.

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Embodies Crew.

A film by Hillary Bachelder.

Additional Cinematography by Stephen Ling, Jeff Perlman, and Hannah Wells.

Sound Recording and Mix by Alison Ho.

Original Score by Sam Bachelder.

Music Mixed by Matt Siffert.

Music Performed by Sam Bachelder, Adrian Bridges, Josh Henderson, Diego Maldonado, Susan Mandel, and Matt Siffert.

Graphics and Titles by Hannah Wells.

Website by Ryan Buckley.

Kickstarter Support.

Scott Williams • Jody and Todd Bachelder • Jacqueline Reyno • Nora Gully • David D. Bruschi • John & Loren Wright • Matt Lauterbach • Shuling Yong • Gordon Quinn • Shaunacy Ferro • Nathalie Rayter • Tom Schroeder • Suzanne Niemoth • John Kessler • Dinesh Sabu • Chayde • Michael W. Moore • Tristan Hanson • Linda Lauterbach • Alison Benowitz • Laurence Bergman • Geoff Cooper • John E. Brennock • Mark Pulver • Laura Kick • Andres Morales • Steve Salkin • Olivia Curry • Angad Chadha • Michael Horlick and Liz Saint Rain • David E. Simpson • John Haas


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